Thursday, June 20, 2013


Assalamualikum, Hello, Sawadikap, Anneyoenghaseyo and etc..

Today, I just wanna share my thought okeyy.Kalau tak setuju atau yg sewaktu dengannya takpe kite tak marah pon harharhar.As a girl, these are some things that i think that boys shouldnt do.Ugaiss will just break her heart you know.Pity her :(.Dont be so cruel okayy, gentleman out there :)

1) Dont give them too much attention if you feel like it means nothing.Tahu tak perempuan is so easily fallen for you if you'r being too nice to her.So if you rasa you tak suka dia please stop texting her, stop calling her and stop being too care for her.Its way much better than u give such a fake hope!

chill babe.kumbang bukan seekor, bunga bukan sekuntum :*

2) Its better to tell her the truth rather than lied her with sweet words.Its more hurting when she know that you lied her rather than knowing the truth.
3) Do not promise anything if you know that you cant do what you say.Sweet words mean nothing without action.Its a way better, u just dont promise anything cause it will just make her hoping.
4) Tell her that you dont like her anymore is better than you ignore her right??I mean mcm gantung tak bertali gitu lah hikhik.Just do that if you feel like she's not in your heart anymore *youaresuchacrueloneman* .Yet it much better than buat dia terhegeh-hegeh dekat kau padahal dulu kau yg nak kt dia hmm -..-

big girl dont cry hihi

5) Please show a true sign to her that you like her or not.Jangan macam eh kadang2 you buat macah ehh girl I want you and sometimes she's mean nothing.You buat dia keliru and hoping in the dark ececeh :*
6) If you already have a girlfriend, no need to flirt with other girl i think so.If you really love her mesti you tak da masa nak layan skandal ni semua kan??

letting go is better than being hurt for more

7) Be serius in any relationship.If you feel like you cant, just let go.Jangan jadik macam biskut pleasee.Sometimes you wujud, then tetiba you hilang macam tu je.
8) Once you broke up with her, dont be too nice to her when she still have no one.Cause it just hurt her much more with all the things you'v done to her.Sometimes she just act stronger but really inside she's break into pieces *hiperbola zangattt harharhar :3
9) Jangan tamak pleasee.You cant have 2 girls in one time.Cuba you bayangkan you dia duakn mesti youu mengamuk gilaa kan.For sure lah -..- Tapi bila you buat cenggitu dekat dia boleh pulak kan.So appreciate her pleaseee.
10) Dont give too much excuse boyy.Cause it really will annoyed the girl.Kalau you tak nak jumpa dia or in any hal pon, bagitahu je hal sebenar.Ni bagi alasan pumpang-pumpang padahal hati memang kata tak nak.It really hurting your girl lah.

this is absolutely right :)

So these are only the things that i can think hihi.Aku rasa girls surely agree, but boys might give their own reasons .Its up to you to think by your own.Thats all for today.Last word, appreciate the one who loves you just the way they are.Cause mybe no one will love you as how she does once she left you cause of your own action.That day, you'll be regret.

Sayonara and Assalamualaikum :)

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